Why choose HeliCentre

You are in good hands. HeliCentre complies with governmental crediting and meets the highest quality- and safety requirements. This is why, when flying with us, you are automatically insured in case of an accident.

Personal guidance
We help you with your helicopter-related question. Apart from flying, we can arrange anything that needs to be additionally organised, as well as take care of logistics and permits for you

We operate our own modern fleet
HeliCentre has their own fleet of helicopters, and with that comes all possible knowledge about the ins and out / possibilities / limitations with regards to your assignment or training. You are directly working with the executer of the flights.

You receive what we promise you. Due to their extensive knowledge and experience, HeliCentre is the best company to guide and advise you.

The Netherlands knows many helicopter flight (ticket) providers with no fleet of their own. However, there is only a small percentage of helicopter companies that is allowed to fly the helicopters. The executer (the pilot) must meet extremely high-quality requirements, and have several high-class, hard-to-obtain permits. HeliCentre is proud to be one of them!
Your HeliCentre helicopter flight- or operation meets the highest requirements when it comes to the safety of the flying vehicles, the pilots’ knowledge, the quality of all the personnel, present procedures, and insurances.
Annually, we are checked by a multitude of officials, such as the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (IL&T), the aviation police, Defence, and officials associated with the Dutch provinces. Through these screenings, we must show our ability to safeguard your safety, and that we work according to the strictest safety- and environment norms.
Do you have a sophisticated or sizeable assignment? We are happy to take care of that for you with our vast knowledge, mobile promotion material on the ground, accompanying transport, fuel on location and a hearty and extensive welcome, or a professional reception of your passengers.


Apart from everything to do with helicopters, we are also happy to support you with additional materials to turn your assignment into a big success. At Lelystad Airport we are able to welcome groups of people in our modern building.
On top of that, we can also arrange the following on location:

  • Car transportation to facilitate your assignment;
  • Mobile fueling opportunities so we do not have to fly extra miles to top up your fuel. This way, the helicopter is at our disposal for longer. Of course, this includes the necessary environmental measures;
  • A mobile check-in desk with public address system and music facilities. This allows us to receive large groups of people professionally, also when the weather circumstances are not ideal;
  • Safety measures such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators and first aid kits.


HeliCentre has liability insurance and passenger insurance, which means you are automatically covered in case of damage or accidents. When flying with HeliCentre, there is no need to buy additional cover.
Finally, HeliCentre has been accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (IL&T) and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA). A helicopter company can only offer their services under extremely strict conditions that aim to ensure safety and limit environmental disturbance. Through these accreditations, HeliCentre complies with the highest safety norms and quality requirements within the aviation industry.

Transport permit (AOC)

To execute flights transporting people, we have an AOC (Air Operator Certificate). This ensures HeliCentre complies with the highest safety norms and quality requirements. We are happy to transport you with our own HeliCentre-branded helicopters, according to your wishes.

Training permit (ATO)

To be able to train new pilots / instructors / examiners, we have a training permit (ATO, Approved Training Organisation). Getting your license through HeliCentre means your license is approved and recognised internationally.

Special assignments (SPO)

In order to carry out special missions, we have been registered as an SPO (Special Operations) organisation. This ensures that we comply with the highest safety norms and quality requirements. Special missions include:

  • Photo- and video flights;
  • Surveillance flights (roads, water, infrastructure);
  • Crop protection;
  • Low-level flight obstacle reconnaissance;
  • Lifting operations.

Landing exemption

When flying in the Netherlands one is only allowed to depart from – and arrive at – an airport.
However, HeliCentre can depart from and land almost anywhere in the Netherlands because we have exemptions from ALL Dutch provinces (General TUG). Within 24-48 hours, we can arrange the necessary permits for you to get on and off at almost every location. Naturally, when selecting these locations, safety, the environment and limiting disturbance thereof are paramount.

We have the following certificates:

  • Transport of People(NL-AOC-36);
  • Courses (NL-ATO-31);
  • Courses for Defence (MAA-NLD A-FCL-006)
  • Maintenance (NL.MG.0036);


HeliCentre is a modern and customer-focussed company that has been expanding since their founding in 2005. By now, HeliCentre’s team counts 50 employees that strive to train you within a safe and fun environment and / or provide high level transportation.
This team does not just consist of enthusiastic polits, instructors and administrative personnel. It also counts a large ground crew that is always happy to help you.


Our pilots are professionals.
This means they have successfully gone through complex training before they got to fly commercially. Their years of intense training makes you feels safe. On top of their wealth of experience, they receive medical checks regularly, and they are subject to bi-annual flight testing with an independent examiner.

Ground crew

”HeliCentre is expanding”

We cannot grow as a company without a team of well-trained ground crew members that help run things smoothly on the ground. Just like pilots, all our ground crew members are regularly trained to ensure safety of the highest standards.
They are ready to receive you at the designated landing spot. They will give you a clear safety briefing, and they will help you get on and off the helicopter safely. They are also the right people to ask anything regarding the helicopters, procedures, and other interesting facts.

Helicopter fleet

By now, HeliCentre has acquired a fleet of several different helicopters, ranging from small vehicles suitable for training purposes and small assignments to helicopters that seat 4, 5 or more people. Depending on the operation, HeliCentre will match your operation to a suitable helicopter.
Our types:

What is more, we work with other helicopter companies, which means we can offer additional types of helicopters if necessary. All helicopters undergo intensive maintenance, which safeguards the continuity and safety of our flying vehicles.

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