VIP Helicopter Transportation


Do you have an important business partner who you would like to give a spectacular welcome? Do you and your guests have a number of important appointments planned on one single day, and are you looking to use your time most efficiently? Or are you simply wanting to indulge a top-level person of your choice?

A fabulous way to do this is by offering them a VIP ride in one of our state-of-the-art helicopters.

We shall collect you and / or your guest from, for example, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and fly you to any helicopter-friendly location in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany. This way, you are reaching your destination swiftly and efficiently.

HeliCentre has ample experience flying VIPs; from artists and Dutch celebrities to ministers and high-profile business people.
HeliCentre does not just welcome these people as passengers, but as honoured guests. And that is what makes us stand out.

Landing locations

A helicopter is extremely convenient for travelling quickly from point A to B. The take-off and landing locations can be really close to your destination as we are not limited to merely airports or heliports.

Is your garden or business park large enough for landing? We will take care of all the permits and exemptions so you can reach your next destination easily and efficiently.

Corporate Charter Helicopter

HeliCentre is an expert when it comes to helicopter charters.

Whether you choose a corporate charger, an airport transfer or a courier helicopter, you will see that HeliCentre’s professional services only improves the efficiency and productivity of your organisation. You will also find that punctuality is one of our most important principles.

Our office is open 7 days a week to provide you with convenient, door-to-door transportation of the highest standards.

Transport License

HeliCentre is a helicopter company that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we have our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This helps us to rapidly obtain necessary permits for landings on off-site (non-official) landing grounds.

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