Different helicopters, different type ratings

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Type ratings

Two-part license

The helicopter license consists of two parts: one general part and a type-specific part that must be obtained separately, per helicopter type. After getting your EASA PPL(H) or CPL(H) license, you can fly the type of helicopter you trained with. Should you wish to fly different types of helicopters after that, you will have to do an EASA type rating training. Each type of helicopter that you fly requires an annual exam (prof check).

Theoretical and practical

The type rating training consists of a theoretical and a practical part.
The theoretical part is specifically geared towards a particular type of helicopter. The practical part then contains 5 one-hour flying lessons (crediting available), followed by a practical exam (skill test).

Conversion training

Do you already have a license and would you like to convert to another type of helicopter? We offer tailor made conversion training.

Practical exam

After successfully completing the practical exam, you will receive a new license, to which the new type of vehicle has been added

Proficiency Check

Type ratings have a one-year validity.
Each type rating requires a so-called annual proficiency check. During such a proficiency check, an examiner checks whether your knowledge and skills for your particular type of helicopter are still up-to-date. If all is deemed in good order, the examiner signs your license. With your renewed license, you can fly your selected type of helicopter for another year.

Types of helicopter

We offer the following EASA type rating courses:

  • Type rating R22 (Robinson);
  • Type rating Cabri G2 (Guimbal);
  • Type rating R44 (Robinson);
  • Type rating R66 (Robinson);
  • Type rating EC120 / H120 (Eurocopter/Airbus);
  • Type rating AS350 / H125 (Eurocopter/Airbus);
  • Type rating EC135P2+ (Eurocopter/Airbus).


The annual proficiency check can be carried out up to three months before the expiry date, bearing in mind the original expiry date. If your type rating has expired, it is possible that you – other than your prof check – need additional training. The training that needs to be done depends on:

  • Level and experience;
  • How much time has passed since your type rating has expired;
  • Complexity of the helicopter.

If your type rating has expired, along with our Head of Training we will determine how much additional training you need to get back to the level required to pass another proficiency check.

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