Photo- and video flights per helicopter


Recordings from the sky are always unique. The helicopter is the perfect means of shooting aerial recordings of your house, for instance, a special ship or other location, or your event.
To the high rotor speed, it is possible to take photos or film from a stabilized camera. You can do this yourself, or have HeliCentre arrange a professional photo- or film crew for you.


Shooting footage with a gyro-stabilised HD camera system is absolutely the cream of the crop.
HeliCentre flies with a Cineflex V14 system: an ultra-flexible, compact, high resolution gyro-stabilised HD camera system. The system is stabilised by 5 axes, including the horizon! Its many specifications give this camera a wealth of different options.
For example, one can turn the Cineflex® 360 degrees, tip it 195 degrees, and has a horizon adjustment of approximately 45 degrees.
As recording equipment, we offer a high-end DVS disc system 4:4:4, uncompressed with removable hard drives. In addition, we offer the usual tapes for HD SR, HD Cam, and DVC Pro HD. We also have plugs for Digi Beta and others. The additional connection of HD monitors with integrated Waveform guarantee optimal control over position and image signal.

By using the approved and certified mounts, both the Cineflex and the FLIR-system can be used with our Robinson R44 and Eurocopter EC120 helicopters.


The SD FLIR camera system has a five-ax gyro-stabilisation and is often used for news broadcasts, sporting events, and live broadcasts.


The gyro-mount camera system enables you to collect footage from the helicopter with your very own camera.
The system is 3x gyro-stabilised, and is easily combined with all the usual Broadcast cameras / Live cameras, as well as with all conventional SLR cameras 16mm / 35mm.


When flying the Robinson R44 Raven II, we can remove the door during the flight: this gives you maximum freedom of movement and maximum focus, without experiencing any hindrance from the window / sun glare.
The Europcopter EC120 has these features too. On top of that, during the flight, one can open the window in this type of helicopter. Its sliding door can also stay opened during the flight.

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