Health, safety & Environment

Health, safety & Environment (HSE)


At HeliCentre we care about, and focus our attention, on health, safety, the environment and excellent quality. We are always committed to improving our working methods to limit any damage and / or disturbance that our flight operations may cause.
Other than that, HeliCentre works towards lifting operational management to the highest possible level of sustainability. The HeliCentre management team support all those involved to reach these objectives. We strive towards meeting our targets through:

  • Good leadership and a clearly defined set of responsibilities with regards to safety, health, the environment, and quality on all levels within our organisation;
  • Setting and evaluating goals and objectives when it comes to safety, health, the environment, and quality, plus regular checking and reporting of provided tasks and services.


HeliCentre cares about, and will continue to safeguard, the health and safety of all passengers, employees and those affected by HeliCentre’s activities and operations, not only when it comes to flight safety and the airworthiness of our aircraft (risks associated with operations are continuously being identified, evaluated and checked), but also with regards to the environments in which HeliCentre and her employees work.
Our working method is geared towards preventing incidents and injuries. At HeliCentre, we will limit the risks as much as we can by creating an effective prevention programme that defines anyone’s responsibilities, and which defines critical activities. A dynamic risk management system has already been put in place, which includes an action- and prevention plan.
In case of accidents and incidents, extensive research will be done in coordination with external parties and supervisors. This is to prevent a repeat of events.
HeliCentre requires working in a drug- and alcohol-free environment, and will maintain this enforcement rigorously.


HeliCentre is committed towards continuously searching for realistic and durable solutions within the HSE policy. We strive to achieve this by:

  • Preventing environmental pollution, when and where possible;
  • Flying as noiselessly as possible (for example by consciously choosing the most appropriate routes and employing the best flight techniques);
  • Using natural resources and energy in a most optimal and efficient manner to limit waste;
  • Partaking in recycling programmes, wherever possible.


HeliCentre will comply with all applicable laws, governmental regulations and requirements, and HeliCentre checks adherence to these regulations, on top of the regular legal and external inspections. HeliCentre realises this through periodical checks and inspections. HeliCentre is also dedicated to:

  • The selection of qualitied contractors and suppliers to support the company and the operations;
  • Operating the periodical checks and reviews to identify improvements that can help the improvement of our HSE systems;
  • Pursuing the objective to not cause damage to persons and animals;
  • Publicly reporting our achievements;
  • Managing HSE-related matters as a critical company activity;
  • Encouraging the creation of a culture in which all HeliCentre employees share this strong commitment towards the HSE policy.

The HSE-obligations we adhere to are the guidelines we are striving towards. They have provided us with a course for operational management. All of our employees, as well as our passengers, are responsible for maintaining our high standards when it comes to the HSE policy. The policy must be used as a guideline for our activities. Our HSE policy will not be tainted by other business priorities.

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