Helicopter flights for your company or event


Adding a helicopter to your company or event is always a successful strategy!

HeliCentre caters for helicopter sightseeing flights from almost any location. We will make sure your guests experience a day they will never forget. We take everyone up with us – the young, the old, and all the ages in between – to experience unforgettable views from greater heights.

We operate our sightseeing flights with the Robinson R44 helicopter (seats three passengers) or with the Eurocopter EC120 (seats 4 passengers).

For special events, it is possible to add your logo to our helicopter (stickers) or to fully brand our helicopter with a so-called ‘full wrap’ (see photo).


Does your company or event have a lot of accompanying space available? Then it may just be possible for us to cater for your helicopter tours from your very own location. Of course, one of the most important conditions in selecting suitable terrain is that it needs ample space for flying to and fro, and take-off and landing. This ‘flying to and fro’ space needs to be free of any obstacles or buildings, and it needs to be big enough for flying around freely.

In order for your company or event space to be deemed suitable for helicopter flights, it needs to meet a few more requirements. Please contact us to have your desired terrain evaluated, free of charge.


HeliCentre has much experience catering for sightseeing flights on location.
Our most important starting point for carrying out these flights is ensuring your and your guests’ safety. Our entire HeliCentre team can safeguard just that through our carefully selected working methods, our excellent training courses, and the materials we choose to work with.

As our company has been built on a solid foundation, we can focus all of our attention on you and your fellow passengers.


HeliCentre gives your peace of mind as:

  • HeliCentre takes care of all the necessary permits issued by the municipality and corresponding province. We also notify the Civil Aviation Authority and the KLPD (National Police Services Agency);
  • We ensure the designated landing location is suited as a temporary heliport;
  • Our certified ground crew instructs and guides all passengers;
  • We are happy to come along with our promotion team and our HeliCentre promotion trailer;
  • We customise your tickets;
  • We can partially or fully brand our helicopter for you according to your wishes: our helicopter now becomes yours


HeliCentre is a helicopter company that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we have our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This transport license warrants that all safety measures, working methods and procedures are in excellent order. Click here for more information.

You do not need to buy any additional cover when flying with HeliCentre.

Would you like more information, or are you looking for further references?

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