Rent a helicopter for hour building

Fly away after getting your license


After passing your flight course (PPL, CPL or type rating), you have the possibility to rent the type of HeliCentre helicopter you are qualified for for self fly hour building.
When you passed a course, but trained elsewhere, one of our instructors must check you first.During the checking process we expect you to fly safely, and to be aware of our working methods and local procedures.
We shall also familiarise you with all our HeliCentre facilities.
To learn about our actual rental conditions, please feel free to contact us.

We rent out the following types of helicopters


There are certain conditions to renting out helicopter for self fly hour building.
When you wish to fly (with passengers), you need to have carried out at least 3 approaches and landings in one and the same type of helicopter within 90 days prior to your rental flight, plus you must have clocked a minimum of 2 flying hours in within 60 days prior to your rental flight. If you cannot comply with this condition, one of our instructors must check you first. During this short flight you can refamiliarise yourself with the helicopter.

You will be charged for this checking-process; the costs are based on helicopter rental, starting- and landing fees, and the instructor. We carry out this flight check for your safety.

All HeliCentre helicopters have been fully insured (“all-risk”), but they do include a deductible. Please contact us to find out the rest of the terms and conditions, and your options for lowering the deductible.

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