Helicopter flights: high-level transportation


Do you have an important business partner who you would like to give a spectacular welcome? Do you and your guests have a number of important appointments planned on one single day, and are you looking to use your time most efficiently? Or are you simply wanting to indulge a top-level person of your choice?
A fabulous way to do this is by offering them a VIP ride in one of our state-of-the-art helicopters.
HeliCentre has ample experience flying VIPs; from artists and Dutch celebrities to ministers and high-profile business people.
HeliCentre does not just welcome these people as passengers, but as honoured guests. And that is what makes us stand out.

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To many people, seeing – let alone flying – a helicopter is not an everyday occurrence. This makes it the perfect crowd pleaser. It is ideal for attracting customers to your company launch, your product- or company presentation, or ‘open house’.
HeliCentre will make sure your company or event will get the publicity it deserves, and is thus put on the map. A helicopter’s wonderous side-effect is the free publicity it generates in magazines and on TV.
The HeliCentre team helps and advises you in how to get the best result you can possibly get.

Thanks to the HeliCentre team’s extensive experience with arranging these special events, you can count on us to get everything done perfectly, from beginning to end.

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For years, HeliCentre has been the regular supplier of transportation solutions during festivals.
For example, on Liberation Day (5 May) and King’s Day (27 April), we successfully fly a wide variety of artists and DJs from one show to the next. We are at the heart of tight and meticulous planning, all year round; great planning is our middle name.
This makes it possible for artists to plan multiple shown on one day, without worrying about late arrivals due to heavy traffic or other disruptions.
As we own a large fleet of helicopters (from 3- to 7-seaters), we will always have the right helicopter at your disposal

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Formula 1

Traditionally, the Formula 1 weekends are tremendously packed.
Not just racing fans, but also race car drivers know how to reach the circuit by helicopter.
Are you also too tired to queue for hours on your way to the Formula 1? Book yourself onto our helicopter shuttle service, and visit the race like a real VIP.

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