Indisputable fact: HeliCentre is the festival specialist!


For years, HeliCentre has been the regular supplier of transportation solutions during festivals.
For example, on Liberation Day (5 May) and King’s Day (27 April), we successfully fly a wide variety of artists and DJs from one show to the next. We are at the heart of tight and meticulous planning, all year round; great planning is our middle name.
This makes it possible for artists to plan multiple shows on one day, without worrying about late arrivals due to heavy traffic or other disruptions.
As we own a large fleet of helicopters (from 3- to 7-seaters), we will always have the right helicopter at your disposal.


Whether you need to take a helicopter our for one day, or your assignment concerns a large operation that must have 12 helicopters up in the air simultaneously, we have dealt with it all before; we have tons of experience.
Good preparation is key. We take care of that from A to Z: from sourcing an appropriate landing spot and requesting necessary permits and exemptions, to scheduling in the right helicopters and crew for your particular job.
As we own our own modern fleet, as well as all necessary licenses and permits, we can act quickly, work rapidly, and we know exactly how to get the job done.


For a helicopter landing at your event, we will arrange all the required permits and exemptions.
Preferably as close to your event as possible.
This may concern a single landing, though we shall also take care of any necessary paperwork when multiple helicopters need to touch down at the same time.
We do all this by ourselves – we create a temporary heliport. It may even include our own air traffic management and passenger handling area, should you need it.
Is your event site slightly too far off the heliport? No problem. We can arrange a shuttle service.
We will do everything to ensure your event can take place in an efficient and safe manner.


We offer more than just transportation for artists and DJs. We can film from the sky to get you the video footage that you need.
For video recordings we use stabilised camera systems which we attach to our helicopters. These provide high resolution aerial recordings.
Of course, you can use a helicopter for aerial photography. The choice is yours.

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