Helicopter Events


To many people, seeing – let alone flying – a helicopter is not an everyday occurrence. This makes it the perfect crowd pleaser. It is ideal for attracting customers to your company launch, your product- or company presentation, or ‘open house’.
HeliCentre will make sure your company or event will get the publicity it deserves, and is thus put on the map. A helicopter’s wonderous side-effect is the free publicity it generates in magazines and on TV.
The HeliCentre team helps and advises you in how to get the best result you can possibly get.
Thanks to the HeliCentre team’s extensive experience with arranging these special events, you can count on us to get everything done perfectly, from beginning to end.


Have your helicopter stand out according to your own corporate identity (house-style).
We can supply you with brand stickers to put on the helicopter. We can even give the helicopter an entirely new look. We have already taken care of many different brand stickers, and successfully so. Get yours to match your event or special occasion; have our specialists fully wrap your helicopter

Private Transport License

HeliCentre is a helicopter company that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we have our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This helps us to rapidly obtain necessary permits for off-site (non-official) landing grounds. Click here for more information.

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