Get your private helicopter license

Take your helicopter for a spin, all by yourself

Pure beauty, being able to fly your own helicopter. Just to take your family and friends on a helicopter trip, or fly it as a first step to flying helicopters professionally.

Get your helicopter license and the world and all its possibilities are literally at your feet; the sky knows no limits.


To train you up to the level of PPL(H) you need to complete a theoretical and a practical part. We aim to run courses synchronously as best as we can. This way, you can practise what you have just learnt from your study books.

Finally, you need to complete a medical check (EASA category 1 or 2) which states you are fit enough to get your license.

The theory

The theoretical part is based on self-study, and, if you wish, experienced instructors can guide you through this study process. There are 7 exams you will need to complete:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight;
  • Airlaw & Operational procedures;
  • Communications;
  • Flight Performance & Planning;
  • Human Performance & Limitations;
  • Meteorology;
  • Navigation.

To complete the communications module, there is also a practical radio exam in which, through a flight simulation, you are tested on your ability to use the correct radio terminology to prevent miscommunication with air traffic control.

As you are allowed to fly through all of Europe, as well as the rest of the world upon getting your pilot license, a standard English language test is mandatory. This is the so-called LPE (Language Proficiency Endorsement). Depending on how well you master the English language, this LPE is valid for a duration of 3 years, 6 years, or indefinitely.

Practical part

The practical part consists of a number of flight lessons with your instructor. You will also complete a number of lessons without an instructor. These lessons are completed independently.

For training purposes we use the Guimbal Cabri G2 or the Robinson R44 helicopter.

To fly solo, you need to be 16 years old or older.


After finishing both the theoretical and the practical part, you can take your practical exam with one of our examiners. The examiner tests your skills and knowledge, and after successful completion you can apply for your PPL(H) licence!

The minimum age requirement for taking the PPL(H) exam is 17.


The costs of the PPL(H) course are made up of helicopter usage, fuel, the instructor, landing fees, theoretical (exams) and insurances. Please keep in mind that this will total to an amount of approximately € 40.000,-.

This price indication is based on training with the Guimbal Cabri G2. Of course, you can also train with one of our other models.

The costs are based on the the number of flying hours that have been set by law. Naturally, the number of flying hours also depends on how regularly you train with us, and how quickly you master flying helicopters.

 499,00 925,00
 425,00 699,00