Frequently Asked Questions

Am I insured as a co-passenger, or do I need to buy extra cover?

You are insured. You no not need to make any alternative arrangements. For more details, please see our general terms and conditions.

Will I lose my money if a flight is cancelled?

No. With every flight you book with HeliCentre, you receive a voucher, which has a one-year validity. We work hard to find you a new flight date so you can still enjoy your flight.

How high does a helicopter fly?

Compared to airplanes, helicopters fly considerably low above the ground. Depending on the area where one flies, one adjusts the height. Generally speaking, a helicopter flies at a height of 150 – 300 meters.

How old should you be to fly around in a helicopter?

The minimum age is 3 years old. Children up to 10 years old can only fly when accompanied by an adult. For safety purposes, each passenger needs to have their own seat, so it is not allowed to seat children on your lap.

At which speed does a helicopter fly?

A helicopter flies approximately 180 km/h. This is the speed when up in the air. The speed it travels at per hour depends on the wind (tail wind or head wind).
In case of a head wind (wind force 5), a helicopter travels at a speed of 150 km/h. In case of a tail wind, a helicopter can travel 210 kilometers in one hour.

How far can a helicopter fly in one go?

The distance a helicopter can fly depends on the amount of fuel present in the tank. Say it can fly 2,5 hours on a full tank. At 180 km/h, it can fly 450 kilometers. As the helicopter can fly in one straight line, one can fly, for example, from Lelystad to Hamburg, Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Paris, or Calais in one go.

I have booked a package. What should I bring?

When you have booked and paid for a package, HeliCentre sends you a personalised E-Ticket. Anyone who takes part in this package must have a valid E-Ticket, which needs to be shown upon departure. You also need a valid proof of identification. The number on your proof of ID needs to match the one on your E-Ticket.

I have a really large garden. Is it possible for the helicopter to pick me up from there?

Dit ligt eraan.

It depends.HeliCentre has a general exemption to land almost anywhere in The Netherlands. Prior to flying, we shall always run a location-check regarding the measurements, position, safety and potential disturbance to the surroundings.
In Belgium, it is sufficient for a land owner to give permission.
HeliCentre is happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Is it possible to do a sightseeing flight over the king and queen’s house?

No, this is not an option.
Certain parts of the airspace are off-limits. These areas include the Royal House, the Houses of Parliament (in Dutch this is – literally – called the Second Chamber), some military (practice-) locations and various (preserved) natural areas

Is it safe to fly with any pilot?

Our HeliCentre pilots are all experienced pilots. On top of that, they receive annual medical checks and they are tested bi-annually to keep a valid pilot license. This helps us to safeguard your safety.

Can my 80-year-old grandparents still fly around in a helicopter?

Yes, this is possible.
When HeliCentre carries out sightseeing flights, we always have qualified personnel on the ground. Our ground crew helps you get in and out of the helicopter. You can take all the time you need for boarding and getting off the helicopter.

Can I fly along, despite my fear of heights?

Yes. If you notify the pilot, he or she can take this into account. In our experience, most people who suffer from fear of heights don’t have a hard time flying a helicopter.

Can I take photos during a flight?

Yes, this is permitted.
During your flight you can talk to the pilot (via headsets). You can also ask the pilot to fly over an area of your choice. If possible, the pilot will almost certainly honour your request. We do ask you to keep your phone in flight mode for the duration of the helicopter flight. This allows you to still take pictures.

Can I choose where I want to sit?

We will keep your preferences into account as best as we can, but the pilot or ground crew has the final say over the seat selection. This is due to making sure the helicopter is properly balanced (weight-wise). Another factor is the height of passengers.
Prior to every flight, we carry out a weight & balance estimate. To do this, we take the pilot’s weight and that of all other passengers into account.
You will be notified of your designated seat moments before the flight.

Why is flying a helicopter so expensive, compared to flying an airplane?

Compared to an airplane, a helicopter has more rotating parts (think, for example, of the complex rotor system).
Helicopters require much preventative maintenance. Besides, this is a more complex process than that of an airplane.
In addition, all parts used (from the smallest screw to the entire chassis) must be certified parts. It is not possible to buy your own parts at the local DYI shop. This means that helicopter parts are expensive too.
Finally, helicopters come in at a much higher purchase price than airplanes.
Flying a helicopter may be more expensive, but in the end, this gives you a much more beautiful flying experience.

Why do I have to notify you of my weight?

This is for safety purposes.
A helicopter can only lift up to a certain weight. Besides, the helicopter needs to be balanced. Finally, some helicopters apply a maximum weight-per-seat rule.
Prior to every flight, we carry out a weight & balance estimate. To do this, we take the pilot’s weight and that of all other passengers into account.
This is why it is vital for us to know your (and your guests’) weights prior to your flight.

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