HeliCentre EC135 helicopter simulator

Professional EASA FNPT III MCC with FCDS cockpit and extremely realistic graphics. Certified for Profchecks and skill testsProficiency checks, skill tests or train for your Instrument Rating course, Multi Crew course, and PBN.

An EASA-certified, state-of-the-art flight simulator that is not only extremely realistic, but also easily accessible.

Our flight simulator is certified for Proficiency Checks, Skill Tests, Instrument Rating (IR) courses, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Multi Crew (MCC) training courses. It can also be used for practising standard flight procedures, controlled airspace procedures and airport approaches in extremely realistic weather conditions.

Moreover, you can use our flight simulator to practise the Airbus EC135 procedures from the Airbus flight manual, thanks to the fact that our simulator is an exact copy of the cockpit of this helicopter (1:1 scale).

This is a professional EASA certified simulator with extremely realistic graphics and a fully-functioning EC135P2+ cockpit layout.

EASA certified FTD-3 & FNPT-III

Our SIM has been dual EASA-certified (cert# NL-246 & NL-248) like FTD-3 as well as FNPT-III / MCC.

Due to the dual certification, it exceeds the quality of the FNPT standards, by far. You can immediately benefit from the real-life graphics and realistic EC135 flight model, which make your trained procedures come to life and stay with you forever.

7 days a week

Our SIM is available from Mondays to Fridays and can be found in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled room. You can book online, which gives you a live overview of the available slots. You can use our SIM from 8am until 12pm, in two-hour slots.

HeliCentre instructor or your own instructor

Do you prefer to practise with your own instructor, or would you rather use a HeliCentre instructor? We are happy with either option. By taking the “Operator Course”, your own instructor will find out all there is to know about this ultra-modern simulator.

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You will be training in a realistic and fully-functioning copy of the Airbus EC135P2+ with FCDS cockpit. It seats two people who can train simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the instructor – and possibly an observer – can take a seat in the instructor station, which is a separate room. This is where all the control panels are situated, with which the instructor can set and monitor all flight parameters and training items.

When seated in the SIM, and with the help of 6 high resolution projectors, you can see what is happening on a large, semi-round conical screen. This screen surrounds you with realistic images and helps you to actually carry out training procedures that would otherwise have had to be done in a flying helicopter: training with our simulator is safe, educational, and efficient.

The quality of the screen and the fully-functioning layout of the SIM’s cockpit give you the highes available value in the market.

The extremely realistic flight model takes this SIM to the unprecedented quality level. This means that, on top of using this SIM for training purposes, you can carry out EASA prof-checks and skills tests, along with one of our examiners.

Mission training? Of course! Whether you would like to train hoisting, platform landings, or take a HEMS course, we offer them all. The extensive visual database of our SIM comprises all Dutch airports, as well as several other special locations, all in high resolution. This makes for extremely realistic simulations and it helps to practise lifelike mission. Do you have any special requests? We would love to discuss them with you so we can expand our range of training options according to your needs and wishes.

Technical details

The simulator has been certified for:

  • CAT1, RVR 550m, DH 200ft
  • IFR-training;
  • MCC-training;
  • Proficiency checks;
  • Skill tests;
  • Auto coupled approach;
  • ACAS I;
  • WX-radar;
  • RNP Approach / LNAV;
  • RNP Approach / LPV.

On top of the EASA standards, the simulator is fitted with:

  • A vibrating platform;
  • A 200×70-degree visual system sporting 6 individual projectors;
  • The possibility to carry out mission training landings on:
    • Ships;
    • Oil rigs / islands;
    • Elevated helipads;
    • Hospital landing spots;
  • Double Garmin GTN750;
  • A debriefing station where the entire training mission can be reviewed and discussed.

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