HeliCentre’s EC135 helicopter simulator

Professional EASA FNPT-III and FTD-3 with FCDS cockpit. Certified for profchecks and skill tests or traing for your Instrument Rating course, Multi Crew course, PBN.

An EASA-certified, state-of-the-art flight simulator that is not only extremely realistic, but also easily accessible.

Our flight simulator is certified for Proficiency Checks, Skill Tests, Instrument Rating (IR) courses, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training courses. It can also be used for practicing standard flight procedures, controlled airspace procedures, and airport approaches in realistic weather conditions.

Moreover, since our simulator is an exact copy of the EC 135 cockpit (1:1 scale), you can use it to practice the Airbus EC135 procedures from the Airbus flight manual.

Professional EASA certified simulator with realistic graphics and a fully-functioning EC135 P2+ cockpit layout.

Certified as EASA FNPT-III and FTD-3

Our EC 135 P2+ simulator is dual-certified by EASA as an FNPT-III and FTD-3 (cert# NL-246 and NL-248). It is the most efficient and cost-effective tool with which to perform EASA skill tests and OPC’s in all different sorts of environments. Take advantage of the accurate flight model of the EC135 and stunning graphics to get your own or your crews’ skills to the next level.

HeliCentre’s instructor or your own instructor

Do you prefer use HeliCentre’s instructor, or would you rather practice with your own instructor? We are happy with either option. By taking the “Simulator Operator Course”, your own instructor will learn all there is to know about this ultra-modern simulator and its features. Would you rather use HeliCentre’s instructor or examiner? Our experienced staff is happy to assist.

Availability 7 days a week

HeliCentre offers slot availability 7 days a week. HeliCentre can offer a tailored training program adjusted to your needs.

More information or want to book a slot?

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Training in the simulator

Training in our simulator means training in a true-to-life and fully functional copy of the Airbus EC135 P2+. The cockpit has room for two pilots who can train simultaneously. Meanwhile, the instructor and an observer can take place in the instructor station behind the cockpit. The instructor station contains a control pannel that allows the instructor to set flight parameters, specify weather, simulate emergencies, and more.

The instructor also has the possibility to tweak the simulation whilst sitting in the cockpit with a complimentary tablet, which contains all the same functionalities as the instructor station.

A real-life experience

With the help of 6 high resolution projectors, the pilot is surrounded in an immersive experience projected on a 200o conical screen. Because the images are very close to real life the quality of training is, if not better, just as good on the actual helicopter.

The extremely realistic flight model takes this simulator to an unprecedented quality level. This means that, on top of using this simulator for training purposes, you can carry out EASA prof-checks and skills tests.

Mission training

Want to train landing on an oil platform or on top a hospital? It is possible in our simulator! The simulator can simulate various helicopter missions, including hoisting, (oil) platform landings, HEMS training, and more. The extensive visual database contains all airports in the Netherlands in high detail plus various special places to conduct mission-oriented training. Special wishes? Let us know! In collaboration with the simulator manufacturer, we are able to adapt the simulator to your training needs.

The Debriefing Station

In simulated emergency situations, it is often hard for the flight crew to get a sense of their reactions. Here is where the debriefing station serves as a perfect tool to review the simulator session in a casual environment. The simulator is equipped with a high-definition camera that monitors all the actions of the pilots, while at the same time registers all parameters of the helicopter simulator during flight. The videos including flight data can be reviewed after the simulator session in a classroom setting or can be sent as a file to review the training at your home base.

Technical details

The simulator has been certified for:

  • CAT1, RVR 550m, DH 200ft
  • IFR-training;
  • MCC-training;
  • Proficiency checks;
  • Skill tests;
  • Auto coupled approach;
  • ACAS I;
  • WX-radar;
  • RNP Approach / LNAV;
  • RNP Approach / LPV.

On top of the EASA standards, the simulator is fitted with:

  • A vibrating platform;
  • A 200×70-degree visual system sporting 6 individual projectors;
  • The possibility to carry out mission training landings on:
    • Ships;
    • Oil rigs / islands;
    • Elevated helipads;
    • Hospital landing spots;
  • Double Garmin GTN750;
  • A debriefing station where the entire training mission can be reviewed and discussed.

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