Culinary flights: reach your restaurant by helicopter

Have you got a private and exclusive lunch planned with your business partner? HeliCentre will fly you to a select number of exclusive restaurants in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Are you familiar with a great restaurant? Ask HeliCentre about the possibilities of flying there yourself.

Here are some examples of restaurant with their own heliport:


Can it get any better? The unprecedented beauty of the stunning Geuldal, the magnificent natural reserve Ingendeal, the vast parks, stylish baroque gardens, a farmer’s garden packed with herbs, a tall-cone fruit arboretum, and a court blooming with roses. All this beauty makes Château St. Gerlach the most prominent place in Maastricht (a city in the South of Holland).

And you are not just driving there. No, no. You are arriving by helicopter!
The flight is quite a happening to start with. Do you know just how beautiful the Province of Limburg is? Limburg is the most southern province in The Netherlands.
The landing will be in the vicinity of the restaurant: at Maastricht-Aachen Airport. After that, Château St. Gerlach will welcome you as a real VIP. Then you will enjoy an extensive lunch, complete with accompanying wine package. Of course, your helicopter will fly you back home after your wonderful lunch. Just the way it should be.
Check out the Chateau St. Gerlach website.

Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes

Would you like to dine “in between” the stars?
Do you wish to lunch exclusively with your partner of business partner? Where better than at the famous 3-star restaurant in Kruiningen: Restaurant Manoir Inter Scaldes?

Plus, of course, a most spectacular way of arriving there is by helicopter. We will take care of that.
We shall collect you from a location of your choice. Your company grounds, for example. You board the helicopter and soar effortlessly across all the annoying traffic jams and lenghty motor ways, all the way to the gorgeous Province of Zeeland (south-west of The Netherlands). Here in Kruiningen, you will see the restaurant as you fly in. You are welcomed to their heliport with a glass of champagne. Can you imagine a more refined reception?
Then you enjoy a lavish lunch. We have selected a number of special lunches for you. The choice is yours.

Check out the Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes website.


This is literally and figuratively a high-class lunch.
Are you looking for an exclusive lunch with your (business-) partner? What can be more impressive than being flown to this fantastic restaurant, by helicopter?
We shall pick you up from home or your company, and we will take you to a location close by, where the helicopter awaits you.
You will board the helicopter, fasten your seatbelt, and then the helicopter will speedily zoom into the airspace.
The Netherlands will race past underneath; you will have a first-class view of all this country has to offer on the ground.
After an exciting flight, the helicopter lands at restaurant “De Koperen Hoogte” in Zwolle (103km east of Amsterdam). After a warm welcome, you are taken to a prominent table, and served a delicious meal. Of course, the wine package will not be missing.
After enjoying your luxurious lunch, we shall fly you back in style. Sounds like an attractive offer, does it not?
Check out the Koperen Hoogte website.


HeliCentre gives you complete peace of mind, because:

  • HeliCentre takes care of all the necessary permits issued by the municipality and corresponding province. We also notify the Civil Aviation Authority and the KLPD (National Police Services Agency);
  • We ensure the designated landing location is ready and suitable as a temporary heliport;
  • Our certified ground crew instructs and guides all passengers.


HeliCentre is a helicopter company that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we have our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This transport license warrants all safety measures, working methods and procedures are in excellent order. Click here for more information.

You do not need to buy any additional cover when flying with HeliCentre.

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