Bridal Flights by Helicopter

Unique wedding
Rent a helicopter for your bridal flight, and we will arrange everything for you. You can choose between the Robinson R44 (3 passengers), Robinson R66 (4 passengers), Eurocopter EC120 (4 passengers) of de Airbus AS350 (5 passengers).

Personalised helicopter flights
You will be picked up from a location of your choice. You can decide where this will be, as long as it is away from the inner city and residential areas, and there must be plenty of space for landing a helicopter.


Imagine… After an impressive flight, you are arriving at your wedding location, where your guests have been awaiting you. Suddenly, they hear spinning rotor blades noises, and they realise you are not arriving by car or horse-drawn carriage, but you are dropping down from the sky. Isn’t that simply spectacular? The pilot starts the descent, and seconds later you exit the helicopter, like a royal couple. Who doesn’t dream of starting off the best day of their lives like that?


It is often possible to land close to your wedding location. This is because we are not limited to airports or heliports, and can land almost anywhere in The Netherlands (with the exception of residential areas and nature reserves).
Is your garden exceptionally large? Or are there any sports fields nearby? Then we can collect you from there, and take you to your wedding location. We will take care of all the permits and exemptions, so you can have a spectacular entrance on the day of your dreams.

Private Transport License

HeliCentre is a helicopter company that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we have our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC). This helps us to rapidly obtain necessary permits for landings at your dream location. CLick here for more information.

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