About HeliCentre

A full-service helicopter company where quality is our top priority!

About HeliCentre

Have we met?

HeliCentre is a young company based at Lelystad Airport. We have a large fleet of our own helicopters, and annually we fly thousands of passengers around The Netherlands, as well as abroad. Moreover, each year we train a large group of helicopter pilots from beginners to pilots of the highest level possible (instructors and even examiners). As our hangar regularly serves as a location / backdrop for photo- and video shoots, presentations, or events, you may have already met us, perhaps without knowing.

Passionate and enthusiastic

At HeliCentre, flying, passion, safety, and fun go hand in hand; they are all part of the package. As we are customer-focused and extremely motivated, we were able to grow exponentially over the past few years. We have also received numerous positive reviews from our clients. Due to a variety of prominent and complex flight assignments (e.g. Vliegende Vrienden van Amstel Live, Formula 1, various big Dance Events, national government operations, and assignments by supermarket chains) hwe have demonstrated that we are in the top league of the “Helicopter-Flying Netherlands”. Flying helicopters is a serious business, but it should always be fun too.


At HeliCentre, your assignment is in excellent hands. The Dutch Central Aviation Authority (IL&T) has accredited us, and we have a license for persons air transport (AOC), as well as a license to provide helicopter pilot training courses (ATO); from beginners all the way to examiners. click here for more information.

HeliCentre: high-level transportation!


You will meet an enthusiastic team of pilots, instructors, ground crew, administrative- and support staff, plus a large number of volunteers. Together we make sure each operation is safe and runs smoothly, right down to the smallest detail.
We are serious about our profession, and we understand what it is that you need. That is how flying helicopters becomes a magnificent experience.
All our employees are excellently trained so they can continue to work according to our highest standards.


Our head office / main location is at Emoeweg 12, Lelystad Airport.
At this location we have over 1.100 m² of hangar space, several classrooms, briefing spaces, office spaces and other resources.
The ideal location for an operational base for various helicopter flights, and the centre for many helicopter training courses.
Curious? Please come and visit!

Events location

Our hangar and location are perfect for making television programmes and shooting films. In addition, product launches and client events are part of the many possibilities.
Our location has been the backdrop of many beautiful productions.


Industry AssociationNACA

HeliCentre is an active member of the NACA (Netherlands Association of Commercial Aviation). This is an industry association for commercial aviation companies (General Aviation) in the Netherlands, complete with registration, accreditation, or exemption. With this membership, we are ahead of other helicopter companies, and this is how we can influence the implementation of new legislation and regulations of safety measures.

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